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Our Aims & Objectives



We understand what’s important for families when you’re looking for a Childcare: we are a nurturing, stimulating, safe environment, with caring, qualified early learning professional educators. It not an easy decision to use childcare in the first place. It’s an emotional time for you and your child and we understand this and we’re here to help you.


A quality early learning centre and nurturing home environment is the perfect combination for your child to develop their full potential. It will also help prepare them for school. Given their rapid development, children need to be immersed in activities and stimulated.





Your child’s wellbeing should always come first. Being in a warm,responsive, and stimulating environment is essential. So is getting messy playing with paint, sand and mud is a part of learning. It’s equally essential that their environment is hygienic and safe.


Every child is different, and each one has a unique personality and their own family and culture.
Eastgardens Kindy helps children build confidence by valuing their individuality and encouraging them to develop in their own time.





Eastgardens Kindy educators are committed to working with you to provide the ideal early learning environment for your child in our centre to make it feel they are at home.


The relationships your child shares with their educators is crucial. You want to be sure that the people who care for your child not only have the right qualifications, our staff have a genuine love of children as you do as a mother.