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  • We strive to provide the
    highest quality
    in Early Childhood Services
  • Each child is an individual with
    unique interests
    strengths and abilities
  • Give your child the
    best start in life
Our Aims & Objectives



Welcome to

Eastgardens Kindy

At Eastgardens Kindy we believe the partnership between Children, Families & Educators form the foundation of our Philosophy and we strive to provide the highest quality in Early Childhood Services.


We believe that Positive self esteem, high self worth and a sense of identity assists a child to have lifelong strong emotional intelligence that gives them the ability to cope with life's challenges and be active and productive in their communities.







Each child is an individual with unique interests, strengths and abilities. In their own time, every child will achieve milestones in their learning and development therefore, it is important to cater for each child.


We acknowledge and respect the many differing social and cultural backgrounds of children in our care and value the experiences these bring from the home environment.


It is essential to maintain continuity between the home, the community and the Centre, giving children a sense of belonging.



Learning Process


Play is the learning process that enables children to learn through concrete "hands-on" experiences such as doing, experimenting, predicting, achieving and making mistakes.


As the children play to learn, they bring their own unique talents to the classroom.


Children have the right to equality and respect. Respecting the abilities, feelings and property of others is a mutual practice which assists in the development of compassion in others regardless of age/gender, necessary social skills for life.





Routine times


All children should be given equal opportunities to explore and play within their environment regardless of age, gender, culture or ability.


Routine times are an integral part of the child's learning experience and take into account their home and cultural backgrounds.


Consistent limits and appropriate guidelines will assist children to develop the ability to monitor their own behaviour in social and conflict situations.


Children have the right to feel safe and secure in their environment.


Children are effective communicators.


Responsive and reciprocal relationships are important to a child's health, well-being, development and capacity to learn.